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The Use of Early and Midpoint Adenoma-Carcinoma Sequence Biomarkers in Prediction of Neoplastic Progression in Patients with a History of Colorectal Neoplasia

Abstract Since significant neoplasia after initial colonoscopy is low, we conducted this pilot study to compare the predictive role for colorectal neoplasia recurrence of anti-DCC with that of Adnab-9 binding to colonic effluent of high-risk patients. DCC and Adnab-9 effluent ELISA were

Small Early Tubular Adenoma and Mixed Colonic Polyps Found on Screening Flexible Sigmoidoscopy Do Not Predict Proximal Neoplasia in Males

Abstract BACKGROUND & AIMS: Distal colonic adenomas found on flexible sigmoidoscopy are associated with proximal neoplasias, thus requiring a complete colonoscopic examination, but data regarding the association of distal mixed polyps with proximal neoplasia are lacking. We conducted this

Acute Liver Failure Secondary to Clarithromycin, Case report and literature review

Temporal Lobectomy for Seizures Associated with a Unilateral Schizencephaly

Abstract Schizencephaly is characterized by unilateral or bilateral cerebral clefts associated with neurologic deficits and epilepsy. Most commonly schizencephaly is attributed to abnormal neuronal migration, and these malformations are well visualized by current neuroimaging techniques. This

Hypergammaglobinemic Purpura of Waldenstrom Associated with Sjogren's Syndrome: Case Report and Review of the Immunologic Aspects of the Disease

Abstract Since its first description, fewer than 150 cases of benign hypergammaglobulinemic purpura of Waldeström have been reported. There is a preponderance of females with this disorder, which is characterized by long-standing purpuric vasculitic lesions usually in the lower extremities,

Polymer Adsorption Characteristics on Platinum Electrodes