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Pulmonary Rehabilitation

Pulmonary Rehabilitation, or rehab, is a process that helps recondition the respiratory system in patients living with chronic lung disease. 

At Sunrise Medical Group Pulmonary Rehab, you are in control of your program. You are an active participant in your treatment, and your motivation plays a huge part in your success. We use a comprehensive approach to rehabilitate and empower our patients, teaching them how to manage their condition and giving them the tools to maintain their pulmonary function in their daily lives. Our goal is to help each and every patient increase their endurance and exercise capacity, reduce the symptoms of disease, decrease hospital admissions and achieve the best possible lung function.

Our SMG Pulmonary Rehab program incorporates several strategies for pulmonary treatment:

  • Medical therapy
  • Exercise
  • Breathing techniques and retraining
  • Patient education
  • Nutrition and wellness
  • Emotional support and encouragement

It is important to us that every patient be knowledgeable about their condition and their treatment. We will educate you on your disease, your medication, your exercises, your individualized plan and more. It is our goal that every patient understands both their disease and the treatment. Self-maintenance is one of the ultimate aims of the program, and we are here to give you the tools to manage your condition even once the rehabilitation is complete.


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