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Brian M. Gotkin, MD, FCCP

Brian M. Gotkin, MD, FCCP

Pulmonology, Sleep Medicine
Hollywood 33024

Creating Hope

David’s StoryDavid Kunde sitting on bike in psychical therapy with resident Davie standing


David Kunde, Grandfather, Davie resident.

I worked as a painter and sandblasted surfaces for a living. I also smoked for 15 years. The combination of the two caused me to have emphysema. I woke up in the middle of the night with chest pains, and at first I was told at a hospital ER that it was a gastrointestinal ailment. The ER doctor also took a look at my lungs and told me I need to see a pulmonologist. I was treated for bronchitis and went on my way but these chest pains went on for a few more years. I couldn’t walk 10 to 15 feet without being out of breath and gasping for air. My quality of life declined. I had to stop working and I went on a lung transplant list. At that time, I was so lucky to have found Dr. Brian Gotkin, a pulmonary and sleep medicine specialist with Sunrise Medical Group. Dr. Gotkin diagnosed me with COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disorder) and I was classified with a disability. Almost immediately, the pulmonary care I received with Dr. Gotkin made my quality of life improve. I was put on the right medications, went through pulmonary rehabilitation and maintenance, and the physician prescribed exercise treatments. I was taken off of the lung transplant list.David Kunde on tredmill

Dr. Gotkin prescribed me a pulmonary rehabilitation program that included meeting with respiratory therapist Sharon Tucker for education and training at the Sunrise Pulmonary Group office at Sunrise Medical Group in Hollywood. Due to being on disability, I qualified for the Medicare Pulmonary Rehabilitation Program. The SMG Pulmonary Rehabilitation Program is designed to comply with Medicare guidelines and is a covered benefit for Medicare patients. Medicare has a lifetime benefit of 36 visits, which I used with Tucker coaching me on how to manage COPD. This program lasted for 18 straight weeks. Unfortunately, for people with COPD, there is no cure. But with proper pulmonary rehabilitation and maintenance, COPD patients can learn to manage their disease by building self-confidence, learning what foods to eat and not to eat, building physical endurance and learning how to exercise. Tucker, the trained and licensed respiratory therapist on-staff with Dr. Gotkin, taught me how to do all of this. Best of all, if I have any questions, Dr. Gotkin’s office is right there on-site. If I’m having trouble breathing or need a question answered about my medication, I can talk with Dr. Gotkin within a matter of minutes.

I was bummed when the Medicare program ended after my 36 visits, I didn’t want to lose all the progress I gained. Sharon told me that there is a pulmonary maintenance program held during the week at the office. I quickly enrolled and have been going to pulmonary rehabilitation maintenance since. I look forward to going and talking with Sharon, the camaraderie of friends I have made in the program, and using the airdyne bicycle, the recumbent bicycle, arm ergometer and treadmill.

Meeting Dr. Gotkin and enrolling in pulmonary rehabilitation and maintenance with Sharon Tucker was the best thing I ever did. He’s a very good physician, he’s down to earth, and he lets me know what’s going on. Dr. Gotkin talks to me on my level and I respect him very much for everything he has done. Sharon Tucker is the respiratory therapist and she’s just wonderful, she’s the same way in that she’s very personable and approachable like Dr. Gotkin. Sharon talks to me like a person and doesn’t use big terminology.

Come to find out that both of my uncles had emphysema and COPD. It may be hereditary, I don’t know – my family had a test done to see if it is hereditary. I have a daughter that is 28 years old – luckily she doesn’t have it. She is good to go, but it can skip generations. It varies in people. When I started the pulmonary group, I couldn’t walk 10 to 15 feet without being out of breath. Today, I can walk in and out of the building and to my car with no problem. I would tell anyone with COPD that rehab is definitely the way to go!

February 4, 2015

by  Cheryl Chambers

I was referred to Dr. Gotkins by someone in my primary care Dr.'s office when I needed to change pulmonary doctors. I am so glad I did. Dr. Gotkins is through and very friendly and explains things so you know exactly what my issues were and a course of treatment.

January 29, 2015

by  Anonymous

Great Doctor. Office staff was helpful, courteous and kind. Overall great environment