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Frequently Asked Questions

Consultation: First, consult your pulmonologist to decide if pulmonary rehabilitation is right for you. If so, your physician will issue a prescription for the rehab program.

Evaluation: When you first visit SMG Pulmonary Rehab, you will take part in an evaluation that has three parts: a medical history, a pulmonary function test (PFT) and a six-minute walk test.

Each rehab plan is individualized for each patient, so the length of the program can vary. Expect to attend at least twice a week. We typically recommend patients commit to three or four month long rehabilitation programs. Some patients also benefit from extending their program into a maintenance phase to monitor progress.

Before you arrive for the test, we advise that you store certain items at home, including any metal objects (like watches and jewelry). We also suggest you prepare to leave your wallet and phone in our secured locker, since credit cards and electronics can be harmed by the magnet in the MRI suite. Please plan on two hours for the entire process, from check-in to discharge.

During the test, you will be asked to wear hospital scrubs for the duration of the MRI scan. As the scanning begins, you will hear the equipment making a muffled thumping sound that will last for several minutes. Other than the sound, you should experience no unusual sensations during the scan. For certain exams, an injection of a contrast material may be administered. The contrast material is not radioactive. If you must have laboratory testing 24-48 hours after your MRI with contrast, please notify your physician that you have received MRI contrast. You are welcome to ask the office staff members and the MRI technologist any questions you have. Please keep in mind, however, that technologists cannot give you a diagnosis. Our board-certified radiologists review each test.

After the test, you will generally be able to resume normal activity immediately after the procedure. The results of the MRI should be available to your physician one business day after your test is completed.

Sunrise Medical Group Sleep Diagnostics provides comprehensive diagnosis and treatment of pediatric (ages four and above) and adult sleep-related health issues.

Our modern bedrooms are clean, comfortable and include furniture where parents or loved ones can stay with the patient during the study.

Your insurance company may recommend that you have a home sleep study instead of a study at our facility. Home sleep studies are typically used only to look for obstructive sleep apnea. This may be an option and can be discussed with your physician during your consultation.

Patients will be seen for an evaluation for approximately 60 min. During that time your therapist will review your medical history and perform a physical exam.

Patients should wear comfortable and loose clothing to be able to stretch and exercise. Gym attire is best. If you are coming or going to work you can bring a change of clothes with you to be more comfortable.

All follow up appointments are approximately 45 min.

This is determined by both the physician and therapist. After your evaluation your therapist will determine the frequency and duration. On average we see clients 2-3 times a week for 4 weeks. After that time frame a re-assessment is performed to determine if the goals where met and PT should be completed or if further treatments may be needed.